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Thanks to the brilliant crew at A Book Apart for inviting me to write this book and seeing it through to the end:

To Jeffrey, for being a champion of that which is right and true in the world of web-making, and for giving me a series of much-needed shoves.

To Jason, for being the most inspiring designer a text nerd could hope to work with, and an inspiring advocate for content.

To Krista, for being a wonderful copyeditor and a great force for good in web publishing.

And especially to Mandy, for the superb edit and all the unflappable, steady-eyed support.

This book could not have happened without the extraordinarily generous people who make up the content strategy community and its advocates in other fields. The work of Kristina Halvorson and Melissa Rach of Brain Traffic has been absolutely foundational, and I also owe a debt to Ian Alexander, Rick Allen, Relly Annett-Baker, Rahel Anne Bailie, Margot Bloomstein, James Callan, Meghan Casey, Liz Danzico, Daniel Eizans, Paul Ford, Clinton Forry, Adam Greenfield, Matt Grocki, Dervala Hanley, Whitney Hess, Richard Ingram, Robert K. Jenkins III, Nicole Jones, Jonathan Kahn, Rachel Lovinger, Jeffrey MacIntyre, Karen McGrane, Elizabeth McGuane, Tim Meaney, Craig Mod, Elizabeth Schlatter, Randall Snare, Carolyn Wood, Rich Ziade, and the people I’ve forgotten, unforgivably, to list.

I owe special thanks to Colleen Jones and Tiffani Jones Brown for their careful reading and wise advice, and to Robert, Athena, and Wil for being born.

And thanks beyond thanks to PJ, for reading one million drafts, talking me down from the highest bookshelf, and making my life so much fun.